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We are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded just over £195,000 by the National Lottery Community Fund (over three years) and £5,000 by the Women’s Fund for Scotland (over one year) to deliver its ‘Resilience Project’.

The funding will allow us to support 240 trauma survivors, who are struggling with their mental health, to develop the resilience and skills required to heal, and live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Two specific cohorts will be created for women only.

Initially piloted in January 2022, the Resilience Project is designed for people who have experienced any form of traumatic event(s) which has overwhelmed their ability to cope with day to day life. The project provides 24 weeks of trauma-focused counselling broken down into weekly 50-minute sessions alongside 16 weeks of 2.5 hour, weekly group wellbeing sessions. Clients are also provided with follow-up three-month, six-month and annual check-in sessions providing additional advice and support for their next steps.

The wellbeing sessions allow clients to choose from various activities ranging from yoga and sleep management to creative writing, photography, nutrition and even fencing. These are facilitated by Trauma Healing Together but delivered by third-sector partner organisations. They focus on helping clients identify future goals, build resilience and confidence. They also give clients the knowledge and tools needed to be their own advocate.

Through The Resilience Project, we support our clients with everything from their anxiety, confidence and self-worth to skills and strategies to deal with the emotions of their trauma, the ability to make positive changes and manage day-to-day relationships. The wellbeing sessions also provide them with a clearer insight into their interests, life goals and passions, empowering them to identify and achieve them. More than anything, we provide a safe, supportive environment where our clients are respected, heard and empowered to make their own choice.

To find out more about the project and how to refer, please go to:

Thanks to the funding, we can now fund a Project Officer to manage and grow the project. Crucially, we are also exploring ways to train and upskill previous clients to become volunteer group facilitators for future groups, providing a holistic ‘lived experience’ based approach for future clients. We hope that this will provide these clients with a sense of empowerment through being able to share their own experiences.

So far, 23 clients have attended the Resilience Project, including Laura Findlay from Stanley

“Trauma Healing Together has supported me through group therapy and currently one to one counselling. Although counselling isn't endless sessions, it has been the most I have managed to get from a single organisation and with someone who I actually feel comfortable with and listened from. Some days I don't want to see anybody or do anything, but I get up and go to weekly counselling and always leave feeling like a little weight has been lifted.

I thought gaining new fun skills through the group work to help cope with times of distress was fantastic. The photography was my favourite. My one to one counselling has really made me feel listened to”

Laura and her husband Rab are going to be participating in the Dundee 20 mile Kilt walk on the 20th August to raise money for Trauma Healing Together. Walking has become a solace in Laura's life. From being in a wheelchair for a couple of years when out the house to slowly building up walking again to where it's now used in times of distress as well as just to get outside. To support Laura in her fundraising efforts, please go to her Just Giving Page:

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