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After almost a year of people living in isolation, the Perth and Kinross Mental Health Festival was created to bring people together and provide support to those struggling with the after-effects of Covid-19. From experience, we know that it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to go to for support and even more challenging to reach out and ask for help. Thats why, we have partnered with 10 not-for-profit organisations who are based in Perth and Kinross to create a week jam packed with workshops, resources, blogs and podcasts all focusing on supporting individuals struggling with their mental health. We hope that the festival will increase awareness of the support that is out there and make it more accessible aswell as normalise mental health problems as something that many many people experience. 

The festival is primarly aimed at those living in the Perth and Kinross area and the majority of the workshops will be help online. We however do welcome people based outside of Perth and Kinross to attend. 

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