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THT Trustee and Clutha survivor Michael Byrne speaks out about trauma

Our inspirational trustee Michael Byrne gave a moving interview in the Scotsman about his life-long battle with trauma, which culminated in a PTDS diagnosis following his involvement in the Clutha tragedy.

He recalled how the crash happened as he was having a drink with a friend, and before he had any time to think they were helping to pull people out of the rubble.

The aftermath of the crash, combined with Michael's earlier experiences of childhood abuse and his father's death eventually led to him experiencing a nervous breakdown.

After years of suffering from nightmares, fear and flashbacks, Michael was finally diagnosed with PTSD and he is now working tirelessly to raise awareness of the condition.

His story highlights how keeping feelings bottled up worsens trauma it in the long run - and how seeking help is the first step on the road to recovery.

Read the full interview here.

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