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Nature Connects

Carys runs Nature Connects Crieff, a social enterprise which aims to help people of all ages access the benefits of the natural world. Carys has a deep connection to nature and has worked as a health professional for over 15 years. 

Carys first heard about Trauma Healing Together when she read about the festival online. She says,


“I really wanted to be involved … I then spoke to Roxanne, we met and had a chat and she asked if I would like to run some group wellbeing sessions for Pathways to Hope, which I agreed to.”

Trauma Healing Together was the first organisation Carys had worked with that specifically supports people with trauma, as her work had usually supported general mental health and wellbeing.

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My experience of the charity is that it is a space where people feel supported and heard throughout their trauma recovery journey. From working there, I have witnessed the connection people have to the organisation and I feel that it has been a life saver to a lot of individuals who have needed to be heard and listened to during their time of healing.

She says, “I have gained more knowledge around trauma-informed practice since working with Trauma Healing Together. The support from the team when delivering my sessions has been beneficial and I have learnt tools to support individuals during my forest bathing sessions. I have also done my own learning around this subject since starting the partnership which has really broadened my understanding of trauma, and how I can create sessions which can support people during this time.”

Carys’ involvement with the charity continued beyond her agreed sessions and she has since been in discussions to undergo further training on The Atholl Approach (R. Kerr 2024) which will enhance the planning and delivery of her future work.

Since becoming a partner with Trauma Healing Together, Carys has also been able to offer clients an opportunity to engage in a 12 week nature wellbeing project called 'Branching Out'. This collaboration was a great success and gave clients an opportunity to engage in further opportunities, develop their confidence and improve their health and wellbeing beyond Pathways to Hope.

When asked if she had any advice for potential partners of the charity, she said, “My advice to other partners would be to engage with this organisation; they are really great to work with and very professional.”

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