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Welcome to Pathways to Hope

Trauma Healing Together offers ‘Pathways to Hope’ to any survivor of psychological trauma in Scotland.  In this program, you will have the opportunity to take part in 24 weeks of trauma focused therapy and 16 weeks of group wellbeing sessions.  Weekly counselling and wellbeing groupwork offers you a chance to explore your individual experience with a counsellor and enjoy the group experience in the wellbeing  sessions.  Both opportunities side by side enhance the work of both the wellbeing sessions and trauma focused therapy.


Within this page, you will find everything you need to know about starting. 


We look forward to welcoming you to Trauma Healing Together and your personal journey on the Pathways to Hope program.

Meet The Team

You will have been sent out some information about your specific counsellor and peer group facillitator, however we wanted to introduce you to our core team. We are a friendly bunch so feel free to say hi if you are passing us in the hallway

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Roxanne Kerr

Chief Executive Officer


Kirsty Webster

Counselling Practice Manager


Janine Core

Project Officer


Alice Carbone

Project Officer- Diverse Ethnic Communities

How to Find us

Your counselling and most of your group wellbeing sessions will take place at our offices which are based at 5 Atholl Place, Perth, PH1 5NE 


Our office is a 15-minute walk from Perth Train Station and a 13-minute walk from Perth Bus Station. 

There are lots of pay and display parking near the office or free parking from Bells Sport Centre which is a 8-minute walk away.


Take a look at our offices

Important Information

Here is some information which is useful to read in advance of starting Pathways to Hope. You will be asked to sign the counselling contract and data protection information at your first session with your therapist.

Project FAQ's
Data Protection
Using Kiku
Our counselling
appointment and contact system

Common Worries Answered

We understand that a lot of people have anxiety attending a group and our priority is to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Thats why. we have put together a list of some common worries that people experience. 

Will I need to tell my therapist everything that has happened to me in the first session?

No. Talking about trauma  can be overwhelming and scary, especially to a stranger. Your therapist will always go at your pace and you get to decide when and what you tell them. For many, trusting people can take time to build up and there is never expectation from us that this should happen instantly

What happens if I become overwhelmed in group?

You can take part in the session as much or as little as you want. If things get too much, there is space at the back if you want to have some time to yourself or just have a quiet word with us if you need to leave.


Will I be expected to talk about my trauma in the group session?

As part of the group, you will never be asked to share your trauma and its important to be mindful that we all have triggers and be considerate of other people in the group.

How to Contact us

To contact us for any query regarding your group or therapy, you can call us on the following number  

01738 248283 or the following email You can also contact your counsellor directly via our client management system KIKU.

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