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Trauma Healing Together Awarded £9100 from The National Lottery Community Fund

Trauma Healing Together has won funding to put on a new wellbeing festival in the area amid a mental health crisis caused by the pandemic.

We have been granted £9,100 from the National Lottery Community Fund to organise the Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival, which will take place between August 9-15, 2021.

The festival will be held entirely online and will include virtual workshops by a number of local organisations. Workshops will include yoga, mindfulness, and expressive writing. There will also be educational webinars designed to reduce stigma around mental health, Q&A sessions with organisations that provide mental health services in the area and a series of podcasts on mental health topics.

Numerous local wellbeing organisations have already signed up for the festival to provide further support for Perth and Kinross locals. They include the Stephen Lyon Organisation, a Kinross community-based group supporting people who experience suicidal thoughts, and Scotland All Strong, a social enterprise providing fitness activities to help people self-manage their mental health. Meanwhile Starting Step, a social enterprise supporting those who suffer from social disadvantage, and Plus Perth which aims to support locals who have experienced mental distress, will also be joining the festival.

We believes having a support network is imperative in addressing mental health concerns. One of the greatest preventative measures against trauma is having strong social support network around you. If you don’t have that because of isolation, then you are at a higher chance of developing psychological distress after a traumatic event. We feel passionate about the people who use our services and want to make sure that they have access and knowledge to all the other charities and organisations in the local area which may help them.

We can only do this if the organisations come together and support each other for the benefit of our service users.

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