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Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival Huge Success

In August 2021, Trauma Healing Together and 10 other organisations partnered to deliver a brand new Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival in the Perth and Kinross area.

The main aim of the festival was to bring people together with an event which supports people struggling with the after-effects of Covid-19. To do this we provided workshops specific to well-being such as yoga and mindfulness as well as more creative tasks such as expressive writing workshops. In addition, the festival involved educational webinars designed to reduce stigma around mental health and a Q&A session with different organisations that provide mental health services in the area to increase awareness.

Festival Feedback

We received lots of great feedback and our evaluation showed that there is a great need for this type of festival.

82% attendees said the festival increased their awareness of the impact that poor mental health can have on someone.

59% were more likely to access support for their mental health if required because of the festival.

62%of Perth and Kinross residents felt more connected with their community because of the festival.

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