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Louise's Story

Louise felt as if she had never really dealt with her trauma and was signposted to Trauma Healing Together by her criminal justice worker. Although she wasn’t sure if she was ready to face therapy, she wanted to be able to live with the past and not hold onto it as it “was having too much of a negative impact on my life.”

On Louise’s first day at the Pathways to Hope group wellbeing session, she felt incredibly nervous and couldn’t wait for it be over. The group activities soon became more enjoyable as she persevered. Scrapbooking, led by a fomer client and Peer Group Facilitator, was Louise’s favourite session. Even though she didn’t enjoy everything about the sessions, she “learnt how to use the tools that were put in place.” 

I loved Pathways to Hope and would definitely recommend it. The benefit from Trauma Healing Together has transformed my life.

One of those tools was journaling. Although Louise struggled to write things down, the safe environment created by the charity enabled her to start exploring this new technique in a positive way. By the end of her 16 week group sessions, Louise was enjoying them so much she decided to join the Branching Out programme of outdoor skills run by a partner organisation- something she wouldn’t have dreamt of before. 
To anyone thinking of referring to Pathways to Hope, Louise says, “Go for it. Just give it a try even if you’re unsure. I would highly recommend and I’m someone who doesn’t like groups.” Louise appreciates the acceptance and friendship she found amongst her fellow group members and values how she felt able to be herself.


Although Louise had had counselling previously, she never felt that she gained much from it. Trauma Healing Together offered her something that no one had before- a combination of therapy and group wellbeing activities which she found much more beneficial.

Louise’s time at the charity has changed her life and outlook on the future. She has just completed Peer Group Facilitator training to help others starting Pathways to Hope. The charity has also facilitated completion of Mental Health First, ASIST Suicide Prevention and Safeguarding training. Louise is enjoying time volunteering at a local cafe which is one of the charity’s partners. In September, she will begin the COSCA Counselling Skills course with the eventual aim of becoming a qualified counsellor as she would like to ‘give something back’.

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