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'The New Normal'- A workshop by Mindspace

Covid 19 has affected the whole world. The ripples of this pandemic are still being felt some 14 months on from the initial lockdown. This session aims to discuss what we have discovered about ourselves in that time and what living with covid means to us. We have all had to adapt and cope with what covid has meant to our lives.


Join Doug and Rachel to discuss how we can control the anxiety and uncertainty that exists. This is a one-off session to encourage us to think and be pro active about our own situations.

'This is me'- A talk by Linda from Lindas Ladies

Join Linda from Linda's Ladies and hear her talk about her Mental Health journey and what it's like to live with Borderline Personality Disorder. "It's my "normal" so how can I be different?"

'Breathwork'- A workshop by Vitality Me

In this workshop, Vitality Me will help you to understand the importance of the breath in calming the nervous system. Practical use of different breathing exercises.

'The Science of Trauma'- A webinar by Trauma Healing Together

In this webinar, Roxanne and Andy from Trauma Healing Together will provide you with an insight into why we can experience poor mental health after experiencing a traumatic event. They will discuss this from a neuroscientific perspective and explain how trauma can alter the structure of the brain.

"Examening" Life- A Time of Meditation and Reflection

A workshop delivered by Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland which aims to help you cultivate gratitude, and begin to plan for the day ahead.

Sleeping Yoga
00:00 / 21:58
Sleeping Yoga

Lie back and do nothing but relax and listen to the sound of Sophie from All Strong Scotland's voice

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