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Scroll below for details of the events and activities happening throughout the weekend of the festival or alternatively download our festival guide.


Image by Katie Moum
Festival Welcome 

Start the day with a hot roll - All free for visitors to the festival

Lunch Donated by Tayside Contracts as part of their Community Fund

Image by Nicholas Ng
Grounding through the 5 senses

When someone feels overwhelmed, triggered or very anxious, it can be difficult to stay present and focused. In this interactive workshop, you will have an opportunity to create your very own sensory box which you can take away and utilise when you need something to help ground yourself. 

Mental Health for all-From an autism perspective

In this talk, Perth Autism explores the research about mental illness and autism. They will discuss the barriers that exist to accessing mental health support for people with autism and provide some strategies that may help. 


In this workshop, Vitality Me will help you to understand the importance of the breath in calming the nervous system. They will also show you how to do different breathing exercises which are beneficial to improving mental health.

Meditate at home
Sandwhich Selection

Join us for a Buffet style lunch. - All free for visitors to the festival

Lunch Donated by Tayside Contracts as part of their Community Fund

Image by Ahmed Nishaath
The Man who missed the Boat.

In 1983, Arcadia, a fishing vessel from Lossiemouth tragically sank. This film, produced by Generating Opportunities, explores the impact that this had on one man, Kenny, who had previously spent two years on the Arcadia but missed this particular sailing. As a result of ‘missing the boat’, he developed survivors’ guilt which saw him sectioned in a mental health institution for several years. What healed him was his art and writing. After the film, there will be a Q&A with Kenny and an opportunity to share the learnings from the film.

Sport for Change Network: Changing lives through the power of sport

The Sport for Change Network are a collection of nine sport clubs from Perth City that come together to use the power of sport to support the mental health of it's members and the wider community.

LA-Sport-logo_main (1).png
Image by Vince Fleming
Womens Health

In this workshop, Move Ahead will cover the relationship between female hormones, the menstrual cycle and the impact on mental health and wellbeing. They will then explore helpful techniques and strategies to promote good health. 

Move Ahead.png
Hugging a Pillow
Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

All Day Saturday
Colorful Chalks

Outdoor Chalk Art

All Day Saturday 

Sport Taster Sessions

All Day Saturday


Image by Tim Mossholder
Festival Open 

Start the day with a hot roll - All free for visitors to the festival

Lunch Donated by Tayside Contracts as part of their Community Fund

Image by Yulissa Tagle
All Ability Fitness

A fun fitness class that can be adapted to everyone.  We have used inspiration from aerobics, Yoga and Pilates to create a class that is one a kind and suitable for all abilities.  Come along to move and stretch your body in a way that is uniquely you.  

Understanding and managing emotions through the lens of trauma

In this workshop, Trauma Healing Together will talk about how experiencing a traumatic event can shape and alter our ability to manage emotions. Through their experience of working with trauma survivors, they will discuss the tools and strategies that can be used to help regulate emotions.

Image by Nik
Wellbeing Journal Workshop

This workshop will explore some basic everyday self-management tools, including gratitude, affirmations and progression in exercise. Participants will learn a few home bodyweight exercises and receive their own journal.


Join us for a Buffet style lunch. - All free for visitors to the festival.

Not only that but over lunch we will have a live circus performance for you to watch!

Lunch Donated by Tayside Contracts as part of their Community Fund

Faith, Culture and Mental Health

Perth Minorities Association provide a new perspective on understanding different cultures and discusses the help available.

Perth Minorities Association.jpg
Connect Crafts- A Creative Workshop for Young People

Young people are welcome to drop in and make a 'personalised inspirational phone case cover' or a' Writing in the margins' Notebook. 

Be creative and design your own phone case or notebook with what speaks to you using Song lyrics, pictures,  Quotes or words. 

All ages welcome. 

Art Supply
Mindful photography

In this workshop Kelly will share how the practice of creating photographs mindfully can help foster a deeper sense of connection to self, others, and nature, thus increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Mindful Photography isn’t about photographic technique but how we can use our camera or smartphone as a tool towards enhancing our wellbeing. It’s experiencing the process of creating photographs in a non-judgmental way, with gratitude and compassion.

MHWF Event 220.jpg
 Lets go Mental Silent Disco Hour with Lindas Ladies

Put on your dancing shoes and join Lindas Ladies for the end of festival silent disco session.

Festival Close
Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

All Day Sunday
Colorful Chalks

Outdoor Chalk Art

All Day Sunday
Festival Silent Disco_edited.jpg

Silent Disco

All Day Sunday

Circus Show

Sunday Lunchtime
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