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My Experience of Volunteering


I’m currently studying for my BSc Psychology and Counselling at Abertay University and was really keen to gain some volunteering experience, which was incredibly difficult because all of the places I had contacted weren’t taking on any volunteers. Then I seen that volunteers were needed for the Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival, which I signed up for. I enjoyed it so much that I started volunteering for Trauma Healing Together, helping with admin.

Volunteering for Trauma Healing Together has helped me so much personally and academically as its boosted my confidence so much and has made me able to feel confident with my studies. As part of volunteering, I was offered so many training opportunities such as being a shadow trustee, trauma training, mental health first aid training and suicide awareness training. 

When an admin officer post came up, I decided to apply, if only to gain some experience. I was successful in my interview, thanks to all the skills I had learned through volunteering and I am now the admin officer at Trauma Healing Together. 

If someone were to ask me if I’d recommend volunteering with Trauma Healing Together I’d say absolutely, 100% do it because it not only helped me personally but because I’ve seen first hand the impact the charity has on its clients and it’s such an incredible feeling to be a part of the team that has made it possible.

Find out about our current volunteering vacancies here

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