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“Good mental health is a basic need”: New lifeline charity launches in Perthshire. 9th November 2020

Mental health charity organises online festival amid “crisis”. 25th February 2021

New Perth and Kinross festival to address “devastating impact” of pandemic on mental health. 14th May 2021

Mental health festival: Hopes new Perth event will help deal with Covid stress. 29th July 2021

Inaugural mental health festival to launch in Perth and Kinross. 5th August 2021

ROXANNE KERR: Covid means trauma is everyone’s business now. 26th July 2022

Pictures as 400+ attend Perth’s first in-person mental health festival. 8th August 2022

“Every day is a struggle”: How pioneering Perth counsellors help Laura live with Borderline Personality Disorder. 21st July 2023

Free bus travel for people heading to Perth mental health festival. 10th August 2023

Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival returns to the Fair City this weekend. 18th August 2023

Organisers express “delight” over success of third ever Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival. 26th August 2023

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