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POST TITLE:             Communications and Events Officer


Salary Scale:             £15 p/h


Contract Type:          Self-employed Contract


Responsible to:         CEO


Location:                    Remote


Contract Hours:         8 hours per week

Contract Length:       5 months

Closing Date:             23rd April 2022             





As a charity we will work closely with people who have experienced psychological trauma and are living with the symptoms of this. We work in partnership with trauma survivors to improve their quality of life through therapy, training, and personal development, shaping future services and the understanding of trauma through research projects.  We promote a holistic and multi-faceted approach to treating all types of psychological trauma, prioritising mutual understanding and respect of clients, staff, and volunteers. As an organisation we thrive to be transparent, consistent, and autonomous. We are looking for a person who shares our values and has skills that can contribute to shape a small growing charity.




  • Acceptance and mutual respect for the individuality, feelings, thoughts, and experiences of staff, volunteers and clients


  • Congruence and Transparency and a drive to demonstrate honesty and genuineness.


  • Collaboration and a drive to work together with staff/volunteers/partners/board and clients to achieve a common goal.


  • Autonomy and a belief that everyone has a right to make their own decisions and to know what is best for them.


  • Curiosity and a desire to ask questions and expand on our knowledge and understanding of trauma.


  • Creativity and an ability to think outside the box, find unique solutions and explore novel ideas to the benefit of our clients.




Trauma Healing together is a charity requiring an organised, creative, and enterprising person to take forward the communications, website maintenance, and administrative duties to support our ‘Perth and Kinross Mental Health Festival’ Project as well as the general admin of the charity. This person will take an active role in the direction of the charity and be involved in the work undertaken by the charity.






  1. Undertake all admin related activities related to the Perth and Kinross Festival as well as any other general admin as and when required.

  2. Develop quality content for website, ensuring that it is regularly kept up to date.

  3. Create and send out Newsletter promoting festival and charities work

  4. Work with CEO to co-ordinate, organise and deliver the ‘Perth and Kinross Mental Health Festival.’

  5. Liaise with other partner organisation to promote the festival

  6. Answer enquiries about the festival and liaising with the CEO

  7. Social media – manage our social media platforms, ensuring an effective and engaging social media presence.

  8. Work with Event Marketing team to deliver an effective social media campaign for the Perth and Kinross Mental Health Festival            

  9. Support the CEO with gathering evaluation and feedback relating to the Festival

  10. Put together a comms brand guideline for the charity

If you would like to tender for this position please email a copy of your CV alongside a paragraph on why you would be a good fit for this role 

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